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At Bell Shoals we believe that in order for people to connect with each other and grow in their faith they must be in a small group. It's where the big church becomes small. And it's where people can do life together.  We call our small group ministry "LIFE Groups." 

Our LIFE Groups have a multi-faceted purpose. While each participants' experience will be unique, they will include these common elements of LIFE:  L – Learn, I – Invest, F – Fellowship, E – Extend.  LIFE Groups are committed to learning (through Bible study, discussion, and prayer), investing (through missions and community service), fellowshipping (through building/developing supportive Christian relationships), and extending (through inviting, mentoring, and evangelizing).

At Riverview we have LIFE Groups that meet each Sunday on campus and Thursday and Friday at various off campus homes.  We would love to connect you with a group.  Just fill out the information form or visit the LIFE Group that interests you from the selections below.  If you still have questions please give us a call at 813-689-4229.

I want to join a life group.



10:00 AM Youth Campus Teacher Teachers Lounge
10:00 AM All Adults Matthew Del Monte/Chermone Bunting Media Center
10:00 AM Women's Susan Duva/Elizabeth Ramsaran Media Center


7:00 PM All Adults/Families Matthew Del Monte Stoner Woods Community


7:00 PM All Adults/Families Ben Chase Summerfield Community

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Riverview LIFE Groups

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Riverview currently has LIFE Groups on Thursday and Friday evenings. Please choose which night works best for you.

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